Parish News

Lent & holy week schedule

The 2024 Lent and Holy Week schedule is now available.  Click here to view.
Lent Reconciliation will be held on March 23rd from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Way of the Cross will take place every Friday in Lent at 5:05 pm.


Remember to set your clocks forward one hour on Sunday, March 10th when Daylight Savings Time begins.


The Basilica is now accepting registrations for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Deadline for registration is April 8, 2024. Registration forms are available through the Basilica office. Parents will need to provide their children's baptismal certificates and also their children’s certificates of First Communion/Reconciliation.

Preparation classes will begin on April 20, 2024, for 4 weekly sessions, with the Sacrament being celebrated on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at the 10:30 am mass.

Those wishing to register can contact the office at (780) 488-7295 or basilica.info@caedm.ca

Church Etiquette

As Catholics, there are certain guidelines we must follow to ensure we receive the sacraments validly and to simply respect our beautiful Basilica. When attending mass, it is proper to do the following:

· Arrive early to ensure you are properly settled and ready to worship God.  If you are arriving during or after the homily, you are late and will disrupt those that arrived on time.

· Dress modestly and appropriately before the Lord.  Men and boys, kindly remove hats, toques, etc.

· Make the Sign of the Cross with holy water upon entering the Church.

· Fasting is an obligation for a minimum of 1 hour prior to mass, except medicine, water or if someone is ill and needs to eat. 

· Please do not bring any food or beverages into the sacred space of our Basilica.  Chewing gum is also considered impolite.

· Turn your cell phone off or to silent mode.

· Say Amen before receiving the Body of Christ.
Amen means 'it is true' or 'let it be so'. 
It is important that all Catholics who are receiving Communion respond with ONLY “Amen” and not “Thank You”.

· If you receive communion in your hand, consume the host immediately. Do not take it back to your pew.

· Refrain from conversations in the Nave of the Church, they are disruptive to those who are trying to pray. 

· Don’t exit the church until after the final song and after the priest has completed the recessional procession.

CCCB Lenten Video Series

As we journey through Lent 2024, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has provided a video reflection series in English and French. 

In the English version, Bishop Stephen Hero of Prince Albert, Sask. provides a reflection on prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  On the First Sunday of Lent, Bishop Hero provides a reflection on God’s promise to Noah and Jesus’ invitation to enter into a new covenant.   Click here to view the videos.

loading zone reminder

A few months ago we had a 15 minute loading zone installed in front of the sidewalk leading to the accessibility door to better accommodate parishioners with mobility issues.  This zone is for drop off and pick up of passengers ONLY!  Frequently, parishioners try to park in the two hour zone in front of the church or office, but only a small part of their vehicle is in the parking area and the rest is in the loading zone.  If your vehicle does not completely fit between the parking signs, you are likely blocking the loading zone.  Please be courteous to your fellow parishioners who require the use of the zone and park in designated parking areas or in the lot across the street.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Coffee and Social

St. Joseph’s Basilica Parish Pastoral Council is pleased to present “Coffee Sundays”
following the 10:30 a.m. Mass each Sunday. 

All are most welcome to join us in O’Leary Hall for a time of community fellowship.

Update on the Organ Renewal Project

In 2021, we were able to embark on the first stage of our Organ Renewal Project. That initial stage included the restoration of the gallery organ, updating the electrics, and preparations for new additions. We completed this stage in June 2021.  It is important to remember that our gallery organ, installed in 1963, is the permanent memorial to those brave souls of the Archdiocese who died in both World Wars.

Thanks to another anonymous donation, the second stage of our Organ Renewal Project is now possible. This will be the installation of a reconditioned Casavant-Frères pipe organ in the chancel of the Basilica, occupying a small space between the central archways. This location is ideal for various important reasons: the Basilica’s acoustics naturally enhance the sound, it does not require the removal of any pews, it does not interfere with sightlines and it does not obscure any of our windows.  

When completed, the Basilica will possess a flexible instrument fit for twenty-first century worship, appropriate for a metropolitan cathedral and minor basilica. Both the gallery organ and the new chancel organ will operate together and independently, greatly enhancing possibilities.  Work “behind-the-scenes” preparing the new organ for installation began in December when the decorative wooden screens were removed from the central archways for necessary adjustments and renovation.  Work has begun to install the new organ, which will eventually be hidden from view by the same re-purposed screens.

During the installation process, we ask for your patience, consideration and goodwill. There will be noisy construction work during the day, and visible organ pipework until the final casework is completed. We expect work to be completed in March.  We are excited about this crucial project and we look forward to hearing the newly installed organ in the glorious acoustic of our cathedral-basilica.  Please pray for the success of this work on our precious organ, and pray for our parish musicians and staff.